Adult Fellowship

We invite you to join us on the greatest journey of your life – The Journey of Knowing, Growing and going with God – as together we strive to become a community of deeply committed Christians. Join us each Sunday morning between 9:15 am – 10:15 am.

The Adult Bible Class (ABC) is a very warm group of individuals who welcomes and actively seeks out new class members. The Class is composed of men, women, single, married, ages 18-? it doesn’t matter. The primary focus of this class is a comprehensive Bible study using a variety of curriculum resources.

Several years ago the Christian Bible Study (CBS) Class formed as the first mixed gender class in the church. It is a warm, caring, supportive group of Christians who share each others burdens and celebrate each others joys all while studying to strengthen their faith and deepen their knowledge of God’s Word. The primary focus of this class is studying the chapters of the Bible.

When husbands and sweethearts went off to fight WWII, the Crusaders class was formed by the women left behind. Now it is a dedicated group of women, experienced in life but young at heart. This class studies a wide variety of topics from the Bible to Christian literature to current events. Class is led by Gayla Jean Horn and Eileen Thomas.
Genesis is a Bible-centered Sunday School class that uses the scriptures as the starting point for discussion on spiritual and personal development. Members are encouraged to use the Bible translation of their choice since insight often comes from different language nuances. Personal reflection and Christian action combine for the bottom-line focus of this class. Class is led by Todd Davis.
The Sojourners class is composed of working and retired adults of all ages with diverse interests and careers. The curriculum nourishes faith relationships through prayer, study of new books, the Bible and life’s opportunities in an informal discussion-centered gathering. Members participate in outreach projects and social activities within the church and community. This class founded and oversees the Community Friendship Meal, a mission endorsed and supported by Wesley. The Sojourners welcome all interested in working to be the hands and feet of Christ. Class is led by John Bodenman.