Youth Sunday School

At Wesley Church, we want to bring Jesus to children and children to Jesus. We will feed the spiritual soul of any young person, who enters our doors, enhancing their transition to a fulfilling young adult life, by having them grow up in the presence of God.

We invite you each Sunday, from 9:15 am-10:15 am, to be a part of a fun, loving, and interactive environment where children are encouraged to grow in Christ. In order to do this, we provide teachers who emphasize love, classrooms that are clean and orderly, and an age-appropriate Bible-based curriculum filled with activities, lessons, questions and answers and discussions based on Bible. We pray that your child’s biblical experience here lays a foundation for a lifetime of living for Christ

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Babies grow so fast . . . and we’re ready to meet the needs each new stage of development brings. We strive to make your baby as comfortable as possible, and encourage you to keep updating us with detailed care instructions such as feeding preferences.

Wesley Toddlers – Preschool Age
Each week, these little learners are taught a new truth about God’s creation, His love, and His desire for their lives. Bible lessons are taught repetitively through stories, music, crafts and activities.

1st Grade through 5th Grade
We know kids can know, love, and serve Christ—not only in the future—but today! It is our desire to partner with parents to disciple and encourage kids to discover who they are in Christ, knowing that only a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ will bring them true joy!

Sixth through Eighth Graders
Love, learn, and lead. Those three words summarize our goal for middle school students. Our mission is to challenge them to love God and people passionately, to learn God’s Word so well that it completely changes their worldview, and to lead for Christ in their homes and schools.

 High School
The teen years mark a key transitional stage in life. Moving from childhood to adulthood is an upheaval! But God uses times of change to bring great growth. That’s where the teachers come alongside parents—helping young men and women know God intimately, read His Word accurately, share and defend their faith, serve others, and develop deep relationships.