Starlight Ministry

The Starlight Ministry of Wesley Church provides opportunities for individuals and families with special needs.  We believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity to worship, learn, and serve in our church, regardless of their abilities.  As we seek to understand each individual, we work together in strengthening and creating community.

The group meets weekly throughout the school year for Bible study, worship, fellowship, refreshments, support, and encouragement.  In addition to the study and worship, Starlight has two mission projects they do to raise money.  They provide a ‘coat check’ for the Men of Wesley’s Annual Spaghetti Dinner each February and they recycle soda cans and tabs all year long.  The money raised through these two activities is then donated to various groups giving Starlight the chance to help others who are in need. Each year Starlight leads both morning worship services on a Sunday in June.  

Our Goals

  • To provide an opportunity for Bible study, worship and fellowship for individuals with special needs without compromising their chance to participate in their own church.
  • To hold to a ministry philosophy that is inclusive.
  • To intentionally and systematically share the Good News of Jesus Christ with people who have challenges and to help them grow in their faith.
  • To integrate people with challenges into the life of a church body, giving them an opportunity to have active roles in serving God.
  • To serve as a witness to the community by meeting the spiritual, physical, and social needs of persons with challenges.

Our mission is to include people with challenges in the life and work of the church while building supportive relationships of loveā€”to reach out and help families and individuals find the best fit for both growing in their faith and for exercising their spiritual gifts.

Our Coordinators for Special Needs Ministry are Jane and Brian Bercher. For more information about any aspect of our Special Needs Ministry, e-mail the Berchers at or call them at 570-394-8317.