Giving is a biblical principal that when lived by, produces a rich harvest in our lives.

Giving is imperative to keep a church running. Through your giving we are able to supply you with worship on Facebook, WHLM, and when possible, in person. Not only are you helping us continue our weekly services, you are also helping the community! Wesley Church offers two lunches to the community weekly. One on Wed. and the other on Sat. Other services continue to be active during the pandemic as well!

Ways to Give

  1. Set up an Electronic Funds Transfer with the church office.
  2. Set up an Automatic Clearing House system with your bank.
  3. Text 570.391.0891 with a dollar amount ($3 minimum, be sure to remember the dollar sign)
  4. Or you can mail an offering envelope to the church. (Wesley United Methodist Church 130 W. 3rd St. Bloomsburg, PA 17815)